Yoga Practice Checklist – Getting The Most From Your Practice

Peaceful yoga practiceMaintaining a disciplined and constant practice can be a very challenging aspect of our own yoga practice. Many obstacles present themselves in our daily lives: finding time and space, juggling between work, studies, kids, family, house chores, dealing with traffic to attend to our favorite yoga studio, affording the classes and workshop; or in some cases, for those of us that have to develop our own practice, finding time and discipline to do our practice at home.

Yoga and Our Daily Challenges

So let’s try to remember that facing all these challenges are indeed part of our lifetime yoga practice. Quite often the struggles we face in order to get to our yoga studio or our practice space still linger in our mind creating hesitation in ourselves and therefore in our practice.

We live in a fast pace society, so these challenges tend to happen quite often, and that is why we have to be aware in the importance of opening our practice with a checklist before we enter into the flow of yoga.

Tips To Get The Most From Our Yoga Practice

Here is a brief and useful checklist:

  1. Connect with your breath: Find a comfortable position, that could mean sitting with your legs crossed, laying down on your back, or staying in child pose for a while; some days you may even prefer mountain pose (standing posture). But find your pose for that moment, and start focusing on your breath, going deeper and slower with each inhale and exhale. Let the breath do its work until you feel calm and relaxed.
  2. Set your own intention for the yoga practice: Remind yourself why you are doing this and dedicate your practice to some personal intention. You can dedicate the practice to letting go and surrendering, to creating more strength and courage, to embrace grace. You can also dedicate the practice to someone or something. Once you find your intention try to have it present during the rest of the practice, in every move and every posture.
  3. Focus yourself: Remember yoga happens inside. It is not a gymnastic act; it is not a competition against the other students, or yourself. We practice and the rest will come, our only responsibility is this practice. So prepare your mind, do not force your thoughts to go away, just try to keep bringing your mind to the present. Some days will be more difficult than others, it’s all part of the practice and even the most advance students have to deal with it.
  4. Start when you feel ready: Take your time, in yoga there is no hurry, time is all we have. Do not worry if the rest of the students already started, allow yourself to be prepared before you begin to move.
  5. Enjoy your time: So you are about to sweat, clean and re-energize your system, promise yourself to enjoy every second of it, the attitude on which you approach the practice will make a huge difference on the experience, so have a good time!


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