Why Stay At An Eco Lodge in Costa Rica

costa rica ecolodgeWith a huge shift towards being “green,” here’s a look at what Eco Lodges are about, why they are a superior type of lodging, and how Costa Rica has made eco lodges part of their tourist attraction.

What is an Eco Lodge

Eco Lodges are accommodations that incorporate sustainability into their everyday operations; essentially, they strive to leave little to no impact on the earth. While Eco Lodges will differ greatly based on ownership, the region they are located, and their level of commitment to being truly “eco,” there are a few features that will distinguish a true Eco Lodge from a regular hotel with a few environmentally-friendly policies.

A typical Eco Lodge should feature the following: be built as well as use goods and services from around the area that it’s in, be in touch and in tune with the local culture and people, and ultimately be designed to offer a memorable experience and leave its guests impressed.

Eco Lodge Over Traditional Resort

Staying at Eco Lodges has become more popular in recent years as more people have started to realize the importance of living their lives in a responsible and sustainable way. Traveling abroad can provide an excellent opportunity to so — what better a time to leave a low impact than when visiting someone else’s country. After all, we wouldn’t make a mess in a friend or neighbor’s house and then leave! Also, one mentality that the Eco Lodge model promotes is that immersion into the local environment and culture.

While staying in resorts can be a very easy and “head-ache” free way to travel, here are some reasons why, perhaps, staying at an Eco Lodge might be a more fulfilling and exciting experience. First of all, resorts can often be a negative force in the community’s in which they operate. Most of the time they are foreign owned, and so the majority of the money being spent doesn’t even benefit the country itself or the people who live there. Second, while there are some pushes to go in the direction of environmentalism, they are currently very bad for the environment. From the wasted food to the amounts of water being used, from the cleaning products released into the environment to the way that they are built, nothing about these places is positive for the surroundings. Resorts are all about keeping the tourists happy and distracted, and do not reflect the people, culture, environment, of the area.

Costa Rica and Eco Lodges

Costa Rica is a country that prides itself on being very advanced in terms of environmentalism and conservation. It is one of the world’s greenest countries, and Costa Ricans seem to have decided to make that in itself one of the country’s main tourist attractions. For that reason, there are some of the highest quality and most truly “eco” Eco Lodges in Costa Rica, making it an excellent place to experience this growing phenomenon.

Whether you’ve never stayed in an Eco Lodge before and are wanting to try something new and positive for the environment, or you are an Eco Lodge connoisseur and want to experience the magic of being closer to nature in this exotic and beautiful country, you will not be disappointed with Eco Lodges in Costa Rica.

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