The Holistic Yoga & Surf Vacation package provides two major opportunities: first, to give you substantial knowledge of the ocean, surfing theory, and philosophy and allow you to put what you learn into practice; second, to ensure that you get some solid time on the yoga mat to work on your practice and help foster strength, flexibility, and breath – all which are beneficial for developing your surfing ability. Additionally, for a week, you will experience what life is like in a sleepy coastal Costa Rican town where the lush green mountains meet the sea. At the end of the week, you will feel refreshed, physically stronger, and generally more stoked on life!Costa Rica yoga and surf vacation

What to Expect

Our Holistic Yoga & Surf Vacation itinerary includes four surf lessons, four yoga classes, and guided community walking tour through Bahia Ballena. It provides a grounded week of yoga and surfing in the delightful natural surroundings found in Costa Rica’s South Pacific region. You will also have plenty of time to explore the area and take in the natural beauty of your surroundings.

For an entire week you’ll spend part of your days learning to surf at Bahia Ballena’s Whale Marine National Park, an ideal place for beginners to catch their first waves and develop their surfing ability. You will spend the other part of your days rejuvenating your body during the Vinyasa Flow yoga classes at the Bodhi Shambala Yoga studio. Additionally, you will have a vehicle so you have the ability to do what you like in your down-time: take a walk to the famous Whale’s Tail, hike to a cool and refreshing waterfall, or just kick back, relax and enjoy the fact that you are in Costa Rica.

This vacation is ideal for you if you are committed to improving your surfing ability and yoga practice, but are more of an independent traveler who wants to have the means to get around on your own. There are no meals included in this option, but you can explore the local eateries and sample Tico cuisine at your leisure. This vacation will afford you with the chance to reconnect with some of the more simple things in life: nature, the ocean, and the joy of physical activity!Costa Rica yoga and surf vacations

Accommodation Options

Lodging options for vacation package guests consist of a large bungalow for up to four people, Bungalow Gratitud, and a smaller bungalow for up to two people, Bungalow Espiritu. Each of these bungalows is setup with a kitchenette to provide guests the ability to prepare simple meals. Room details can be found on the Bodhi Surf Lodge page.

Please note that the Bodhi Surf Lodge is designed for stays that begin on Saturday.

Holistic Yoga n’ Surf Prices

Price/person Bungalow Gratitud Bungalow Espiritu
Single $2,395.00
Double $1,975.00 $1,875.00
Triple $1,850.00
Quad $1,625.00

Our family of six had the best vacation we’ve ever had thanks to the great people at Bodhi Surf. We’re ready to go back again. The surfing was so beautiful and so much fun for the whole family. With their excellent instruction, we all were able to surf, the yoga was simply AMAZING (please don’t miss the yoga), the help with planning our trip and the general professionalism made everything so easy.

Costa Rica beachWhy Choose the Holistic Yoga & Surf Vacation

Our Holistic Yoga & Surf Vacation is designed for families. It provides a structure to your vacation with a set number of surfing and yoga classes, which will help you build a solid base in both. Because it includes a car rental, it also allows independence to explore the area, and check out local restaurants; moreover, with plenty of free on the time in the schedule, you have flexibility to take additional tours or simply hangout and relax.

The Holistic Yoga & Surf Vacation was created for those families who want to have a physically active vacation, are genuinely motivated to learn all things surf and further their yoga practice, and are interested in having a “community engaged” experience. The word “Holistic” means that experiential learning is incorporated into this vacation: it aims to be more than just your typical lazy week of relaxation.Community walking tour

Have Questions About the Holistic Yoga and Surf Vacation?

Not sure if the Holistic Yoga & Surf Vacation is right for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re more than happy to assist you in finding the best fit.

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