Bodhi Flex is a personalized surf and yoga experience that provides freedom plus a little bit of everything that Bodhi Surf has to offer: surfing, yoga, community engagement, education, and fun. We designed this flexible option knowing that many of our guests have a different idea of what “the perfect vacation” is. With a setting like Costa Rica’s South Pacific, this personalize-able vacation package is perfect for those who want the freedom to choose their mix and quantity of activities at a budget-friendly price. Oh, and we will take care of all your day-to-day arrangements! So choose your dates and activities, sign up early, and get excited for your Costa Rican vacation.

Bodhi Flex Pricing

Prices are per person in USD
Bodhi Flex
Personalized surf
yoga experiences
Room Amistad

Shared bunk roomBunk room for 4 people
Room Armonia

Private roomPrivate room for 2 people
Bungalow Espiritu

Small bungalowIndependent bungalow for 2 people
Bungalow Gratitud

Large bungalowIndependent bungalow for 5 people
Families & Groups$800$1,000$1,200$1,400
Children under 12$600
*Companions are individuals who are not participating in either surfing or yoga

Our family of six had the best vacation we’ve ever had thanks to the great people at Bodhi Surf. We’re ready to go back again. The surfing was so beautiful and so much fun for the whole family. With their excellent instruction, we all were able to surf, the yoga was simply AMAZING (please don’t miss the yoga), the help with planning our trip and the general professionalism made everything so easy.

Accommodation Options

The Bodhi Surf Lodge consists of four lodging options:

  1. Bungalow Gratitud: a large bungalow with a capacity of up to five people
  2. Bungalow Espiritu: a small bungalow for one or two people
  3. Room Armonia: a hotel-style room for one or two people
  4. Rooma Amistad: a bunk room that accommodates up to four people

Room details can be found on the Bodhi Surf Lodge page.

Dates and Availability

Bodhi Flex vacations run Saturday to Saturday. The Bodhi Surf Lodge can host a maximum of of 12 people, contact us to inquire about availability. Family surfing vacation

Why Choose Bodhi Flex

The Bodhi Flex vacation package is ideal for families and groups who are interested in personalized surfing and/or yoga lessons in Costa Rica, but who also want flexible free-time to enjoy other activities in the area. It was also designed to be budget-friendly, with flexible and optional add-ons, such as transportation, tours, and additional activities. Like with all Bodhi Surf vacation packages, you will receive a personalized vacation itinerary and arrangements organized by the travel planning experts/Costa Ballena locals here at Bodhi Surf School. Our aim is that it be everything that you want your Costa Rica surf and yoga vacation to be! This vacation option is designed for those who want to spend time in Costa Rica’s South Pacific region, surf and/or practice yoga a handful of times, and do whatever they please in their plentiful free time! It will highlight many of the Bodhi values: physical activity, education and learning, community engagement, and living the simple but good life! Family surfing vacation

What to Expect

Bodhi Flex is ideal for families and groups that have people with different wants and needs from their yoga and surf vacation. This option includes 5 activities of your choice (surf, yoga, or a mix!), a guided community walking tour, daily breakfasts (except on your free day), three dinners, and plenty of free time to participate in additional surf and/or yoga classes, explore the community and surrounding area, enjoy local tours and activities, or simply rest and relax. All of these activities will leave you with a memorable vacation spent in one of Costa Rica’s most unique, lush, and peaceful regions. While you’re here, you will have ample opportunity to learn about the community of Bahia Ballena, including the town’s history, development, and challenges. Meals provided will be family-style with members of the Bodhi Surf team and, frequently, other community members. Our aim is to facilitate a sense of sharing and community. Your other meals can either be prepared at the Bodhi Lodge (every room has access to cooking space) or you can support the local economy and learn about its culture by eating at local restaurants. The Bodhi Flex package is designed for families and groups, who may have different abilities and ideas of how they want to spend their days. This option allows for many different scenarios: a relaxing vacation with restful down time to ease your body, mind, and spirit; an intensive all-surf or all-yoga vacation to challenge your endurance and leave you feeling physically fit; or a “little bit of everything” vacation with surf, yoga, adventure tours, and beach time to enjoy fun with everyone. The beauty of the Bodhi Flex vacation is that it provides a taste of everything that Bodhi Surf and our spectacular home has to offer!

Have Questions?

Have questions about the Bodhi Flex vacation package? Feel free to contact us, we’re more than happy to assist you in finding the best fit. Or take a look at the Bodhi Sessions: Holistic Surf & Yoga Camps as an alternative.

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