The Inner Surfer Vacation is for those who really, truly want to learn how to surf, and are interested in doing it in a beautiful marine conservation area that is both pristine and breathtaking. This package is perfect for those who are interested in obtaining a foundation in surfing. Not only does the week provide a solid base of surf theory, it also gets into its history and philosophy, as well as ocean and surf safety, an understanding of the ocean, and marine conservation.Costa Rica learn to surf vacation

What to Expect

The Inner Surfer package is a flexible week dedicated to surfing and fun in the sun in Uvita, Costa Rica. This learn to surf vacation package provides a good balance of surf lessons and optional tours and activities. Some of these additional activities include exploring the Costa Ballena region, visiting other picturesque beaches, or tours such as nature hikes, boat tours, sport fishing, snorkeling, and kayaking.

You will have eight surf sessions — providing a total of 16 hours of instruction. In addition, the package includes a guided community walking tour to give you an opportunity to learn a little bit about the town you are vacationing in and learning to surf. This vacation package includes a car rental, which means that you have the ability to explore on your own. While the package does not include meals, you will have the flexibility to try out local restaurants or go to the store to stock up and prepare your own meals.

During your vacation with Bodhi Surf you will spend significant time at the beautiful Ballena Marine National Park. The waves here are perfect for both beginners and intermediate surfers and the surf break is rarely crowded; moreover, the beach is a great place to hang and spend time just chilling out.Costa Rica surf vacation

Accommodation Options

Lodging options for vacation packages are limited to Bungalow Gratitud, an independent unit with two queen-sized beds, private bath, and kitchenette; and Bungalow Espiritu, also an independent unit with one queen-sized bed, private bath, and a small kitchenette.  Complete room details can be found on the Bodhi Surf Lodge page.

Please note that the Bodhi Surf Lodge is designed for stays that begin on Saturday.

Inner Surfer Package Prices

Price/person Bungalow Gratitud Bungalow Espiritu
Single $2,395.00
Double $1,975.00 $1,875.00
Triple $1,850.00
Quad $1,625.00

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience, and the Bodhi Surf School family took better care of us than we could have hoped. From detailed and timely pre-sales responses, to recommendations on flights, car rental, atv tour, lodging, to great local restaurants. My friends and I were looking for an experience and not just a vacation, and we got more than we expected.

Costa Rica learn to surf vacationWhy Choose the Inner Surfer Vacation

The Inner Surfer Package is the best option for families who want to learn to surf together. Our aim is to “Awaken Your Inner Surfer” while you are here, and there is little doubt that if you come with a strong desire to surf, you will fall into the trap that so many before you have experienced: the surf addiction! There will also be plenty of time in between sessions to relax, unwind, rest your sore muscles, and see more of this beautiful area!

This Costa Rican getaway is a wonderful opportunity for you to check “learn to surf” off your bucket list with a vengeance! Don’t think it will be a week of our surf instructors simply pushing you into waves; our methodology will ensure that you really learn to surf, understand the fundamentals of surfing, and when you leave, you will take with you a solid foundation of the skills you need to surf independently.Costa Rica beach

Have Questions About the Inner Surfer Package?

Not sure if the Inner Surfer Vacation is right for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re more than happy to assist you in finding the best fit.

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