The Bodhi Sessions are the truest reflection of our company: combining everything we love, believe in, and want to share with others — and creating the pinnacle of Bodhi Surf! Bodhi Sessions are week-long, holistic, well-rounded surf and yoga camps with set dates and structured itineraries. They will have you actively experiencing the pristine southern Pacific region of Costa Rica! Their aim is to teach, inspire, and re-energize, all while giving you ample time on your surfboard and yoga mat. In addition, camps are guaranteed to run, but spaces are limited, so sign-up early and prepare yourself for an unforgettable time.

Bodhi Sessions Pricing

Prices are per person in USD
Bodhi Sessions
surf &
yoga camps
Room Amistad

Shared bunk roomBunk room for 4 people
Room Armonia

Private roomPrivate room for 2 people
Bungalow Espiritu

Small bungalowIndependent bungalow for 2 people
Bungalow Gratitud

Large bungalowIndependent bungalow for 5 people
& Groups
Children under 12$700
*Companions are individuals who are not participating in either surfing or yoga

My husband and I had high expectations upon our arrival given all the great reviews, and the experience surpassed even these high expectations. I never would have considered how these two activities (surfing and yoga) complement one another, but this experience at Bodhi has me believing it! If you are considering a vacation at Bodhi, I urge you to do both surfing and yoga. In fact, I urge you to commit your whole week to doing both. We are so thankful that we did five days of each!

Costa Rica Surf Camp

Accommodation Options

The Bodhi Surf Lodge consists of four accommodation options:

  1. Bungalow Gratitud: a large bungalow with a capacity of up to five people
  2. Bungalow Espiritu: a small bungalow for one or two people
  3. Room Armonia: a private hotel-style room for one or two people
  4. Room Amistad: a bunk room that accommodates up to four people.

Lodging details can be found on the Bodhi Surf Lodge page.

Dates and Availability

Bodhi Sessions run Saturday to Saturday. Spaces are limited to a maximum of 12 people, contact us to inquire about availability.

Costa Rica Yoga & Surf Camp

 Why Choose the Bodhi Sessions

At their core, Bodhi Sessions are holistic surf and yoga camp vacations with fixed dates and predetermined itineraries, which guarantees you a week full of activity with all the travel logistics arranged so you don’t have to worry or figure it out on your own. They give you the option of independence while also providing different opportunities for fostering positive group dynamic. The Bodhi Sessions are also a great choice if you want to eliminate the stress of driving to the Uvita area on your own, and would prefer to either be on foot or rent a bike in town — keeping in mind that if you decide you need a car it’s also possible to rent once you’ve arrived at Bodhi Surf.

Bodhi Sessions are designed for travelers who love spending time being active in the outdoors, want to meet like-minded individuals and share great conversations and experiences, are interested in learning about a whole host of subjects ranging from the ocean to themes of development and growth in rural Pacific Costa Rica to responsible tourism, and aren’t afraid to challenge themselves!

Uvita community walk

 What to Expect

With the Bodhi Sessions, our flagship yoga and surf camp option, we’ve considered everything — all that is included (or not) is deliberate and aims to provide you with the “best of Bodhi” experience. During your Bodhi Session, you will participate in a total of 10 activities — 5 surf lessons and 5 yoga classes. Furthermore, you will be enjoying all of this in the very unique setting of Costa Ballena, which is home to our quaint community, our vast sandy beaches, and our stunning virescent scenery.

On top of your surfing and yoga sessions, you will also have the opportunity to take a guided walking tour around the community of Bahia Ballena and learn about our community’s history, development, and challenges; visit a local waterfall and take in the lush jungle scenery; and enjoy a day off to either rest and recharge or participate in another activity or tour! Daily breakfasts (except on your free day) and three dinners are included in your week-long stay in Bahia Ballena to provide a sense of sharing and community at the Bodhi Surf Lodge, while also giving you the opportunity to sample the local fare and support our community’s economy. Also included: a much-needed massage after all the surfing and yoga you will be doing!

Bodhi Sessions are community engaged surf and yoga camps designed for travelers who want to disconnect from their routine in an idyllic setting and spend time “recharging their batteries” in nature. The week’s main aims are to keep you actively experiencing the area of Uvita so you may return home feeling physically fit and mentally rejuvenated, as well as to provide you with a variety of opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences, so that upon your departure, you will have many new connections and wonderful memories to take with you!

Have Questions?

Not sure if the Bodhi Sessions are the right surf and yoga camp for you? Take a look at the Bodhi Flex package option, or feel free to contact us, we’re more than happy to assist you in finding the best fit.

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