Surf School in Uvita Offers More Than a Surf Lesson

Surf schools are certainly not a novelty in Costa Rica. The country is recognized as a premiere surf travel destination for surfers of all ability levels, with numerous surf camps and surf schools along the country’s Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. Experienced surfers come from around the world in search of those epic surf sessions made famous by surf flicks such as The Endless Summer 2. Meanwhile, beginners come on surfing vacations looking to improve their ability, and tourists commonly find themselves taking their first, perhaps unplanned, surf lesson in the land of Pura Vida. So, Why a Surf School in Uvita?

Although there are a number of surf camps and surf schools located in Dominical, a popular surf town and tourist destination, the beach at Uvita presents a number of advantages for learning how to surf, including:

  • a low risk of rip currents
  • small crowds (if any)
  • a long stretch of beach where groups of beginners can spread out
  • soft-breaking waves

These are optimal conditions for beginner and intermediate surfers. Knowing that they are in a very safe learning environment, beginners can focus on overcoming the initial obstacles of getting comfortable with their surfboards, catching waves, and standing up on a surfboard. Intermediate surfers will find excellent conditions that allow them to maximize their wave count and score significantly long rides on which they can practice carving, cutbacks, and generating speed.

To sum it up, Uvita is an ideal place for learning how to surf.

Not Only a Surf Lesson, But a Surfing Experience in Uvita

Learning to surf is exhilarating in itself but combined with the natural beauty of Costa Rica each session becomes a memorable experience. One of the major highlights of surfing in Uvita is that you are surfing in the Marino Ballena National Park, a terrestrial-marine park known for the great number of whales that migrate to these waters to give birth.

The raw, natural beauty of the area can be surprising for some, but for most it is a moving experience that reconnects individuals with nature.

As a surf school our main task is to teach individuals how to surf; however, at Bodhi Surf School we strive to provide our guests with a complete surfing experience, using the sport to help each person rediscover the power of nature, the importance of community, and our connection to it all.

Uvita surf lessons
Travis goes over the basics with two students
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