Nonstop Flights from the U.S. to Costa Rica

Nonstop Flights to Costa Rica

Ecotourism is rapidly gaining popularity. Whether that means choosing a destination for its nature based activities, or making choices that allow you to have a lower carbon footprint, people are looking for “greener” vacations. To meet this demand, communities in beautiful regions of the world are opening tourism-based businesses and capitalizing upon the interest of outsiders in what their areas have to offer. Local businesses are not the only ones taking advantage of this trend — airlines are … [Read more...]

Bodhi Packing List: Costa Rica Yoga and Surf Vacation

What to take on your surf retreat in Costa Rica

Either you’ve decided to come do a Costa Rica vacation or surf and yoga camp with Bodhi Surf School, or you’re looking into it and want to get an idea of what to expect. One of the big questions that you may be wondering as you plan your tropical vacation is — what should I pack?So here is the official Bodhi Surf Packing list, which I will break into two parts: mandatory and suggested. Keep in mind that both Bahia Ballena and the bordering town of Uvita are quite small, and it will be … [Read more...]

Sister Parks Agreement & DIY Voluntourism

Sister Parks Public Poster AI-page-001

Earlier this year, we had a lovely young woman from New York, Elsa, stay with us en route to her final destination of Puerto Jimenez, a town south of here on the Osa Peninsula. Elsa worked in Costa Rica all summer, specifically in the Osa Area of Conservation helping on a number of projects — her specialty is helping to raise funding. One of these projects was to help with the Sister Parks Agreement between seven national parks that fall in the Osa Area of Conservation here in Southern Costa … [Read more...]

Tapping Into The Elixir Of The Tropics: Coconut Oil

Palm tree

There’s much to be said about the coconut and its many uses: the water is full of electrolytes, the meat is high in fibre and good fats, and the oil is a more healthy alternative than most available. A basic internet search of “coconut oil benefits” will give you enough reading material for a week, and the consensus among health bloggers, doctors, and cooks is all positive. I have been researching a lot of health related topics recently in preparation for the Great Bodhi Clean Eating Cleanse Of … [Read more...]

Traveling Independently vs. Having Local Help

Travel by car

When planning a trip or vacation, one question that many have to ask themselves is, “do I want to figure it out when I get there, research and plan it myself, or employ the aid of people/companies that know the area?” This is a very important decision, and one that often comes down to personal preference, time and budget constraints, and past travel experience. People Who Travel By The Seat Of Their Pants There are those of us who like to wing it when we travel. We simply book our flights (or … [Read more...]

Taking Care Of Yourself In The Tropics

Sun protection

If you are planning a trip to the Bahia Ballena area, and if you are coming between the months of January and September, it is good to be prepared for a type of heat that you may not be used to. Temperatures during those months range from 27-33 degrees Celsius (roughly 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit). Most people in the Northern Hemisphere like to travel during the region’s coldest months; and with good reason -- it feels like heaven to escape the cold, harsh winters of the north, even if it’s only … [Read more...]

First Impressions of Costa Rica

Arenal Volano Costa Rica

My aunt Janet got home the other night from a two-week trip to Costa Rica, her first time visiting the country. Only in the past few years has she really started traveling, (my definition of the word being “frequent trips, perhaps outside of one’s comfort zone”), but because she has a life-long friend who recently moved to Costa Rica, she decided that she would venture to Central America. … [Read more...]

Ocean Conservation in South Pacific Costa Rica

Costa Rica marine conservation

Costa Rica, although relatively small, contains approximately 5% of the world's biodiversity. It is a country with almost one-quarter of its national territory under some form of protection, yet the oceans that border Costa Rica have been largely neglected. In terms of ocean conservation, less than one percent of Costa Rican oceans are being regulated under some form of protective category. … [Read more...]

A Brief History of Uvita, Costa Rica

Uvita Point

The history of Uvita is muddled and getting a concise version is nearly impossible. By visiting several community members you can get anywhere from five to ten different versions. John Maranon highlights this confusing history of Uvita in the book, "The Gringos Hawk", as he writes about land possession in Morita (present-day Uvita):“…Then, newcomers would purchase it from squatters, who appropriated it from the government, which took it away from Alcoa Aluminum after Alcoa purchased it from … [Read more...]

10 Animals You Are Likely To See in Costa Rica


One of the most exciting things about visiting Costa Rica is being able to see all of wildlife in their natural environment. As one of the world’s leading conservationist countries, Costa Rica has done a great job of protecting the homes and dwellings of animals on land, in the ocean, and in the air. Here is a list of animals that you are likely to see in their natural habitat. … [Read more...]