From the Great Plains to the Great Ocean: A Kansas Girl Learns to Surf

Learning to surf in Costa Rica

Written by Erin Robinson, Deloitte Consultant and current Bodhi Surf School InternI grew up land-locked in the middle of the United States, in a small college-town called Lawrence, Kansas. Amongst its many family-owned businesses, there’s a store called “Shark’s Surf Shop” that sells apparel ironically reading “Surf Kansas”, with a character surfing on wheat fields. My first time seeing the ocean was at age six. I still recall the mix of awe and panic that it inspired. How could a body of … [Read more...]

How To: Choose an Ideal Bathing Suit for Surfing

Example of bad surf bikini

Here at Bodhi Surf School, we primarily get ladies who come to stay with us for surf (and sometimes also yoga) vacations. Why? Perhaps it's because there are more women than men on the planet. Or maybe because women are more likely to plan and execute a girls trip than men. Or, it could be that men are just more likely to teach themselves to surf rather than get lessons. Whatever the reason behind this phenomenon, there is one burning question that ladies ask me time and time again: what kind of … [Read more...]

San Diego Charity Golf Event Winner Enjoys Surf Vacation in Bahia Ballena

Big Brothers Big Sisters

This week, Sam Quigley and two of his friends are in Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica for a week of surfing and relaxation with Bodhi Surf School. Sam won the trip (well, not technically… more on this below) in the annual Big Brothers Big Sisters 100 Holes for 100 Kids golf event last June in San Diego. The 2013 event was a huge success, raising over $165,000 which will help to take 100 kids off of the waiting list for adult mentors in San Diego county.Sam has been involved in with the San Diego … [Read more...]

Quiz: What Kind Of Surfer Are You?

Helping Kids Surf

Today we celebrate International Surfing Day, and it’s time to answer that ever-burning question you’ve surely been asking yourself: “What kind of surfer am I?” Because just like there are countless types of fish in the sea, there are also countless types of surfers—well, also in the sea, now that we think of it.We decided to put together a little quiz for you to find out just what kind of surfer you are, in the spirit of self-discovery. Be honest, and remember, this is just for fun, but … [Read more...]

Soul Surf: Shannon’s Story

Surfing in Playa Chaman

Shannon joined us early this summer, after finishing her first year of university and before starting work at a surf camp in North Carolina which she has attended either as a counsellor or a student for the past several years. While her passion for the ocean and surfing were already firmly established, she was still thrilled to spend time here in Bahia Ballena with us, perfecting her surf skills and enjoying the warm water and laid back Pura Vida lifestyle that Costa Rica is famous … [Read more...]

How Stand Up Paddle Boarding Won Me Over

SUP in Uvita

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP, for short) has been around for quite some time, and has really gained momentum in the past couple of years. Spending most of my time in or near the ocean, I of course had exposure to this activity; I thought of it as version of surfing but for people who were too scared to actually surf, and it seemed, dare I say, boring. I definitely felt no pull towards the activity myself, being content with surfing. I tried it once at a surfing beach and had an experience that … [Read more...]

Similarities Between Surfing and Yoga

Recently I took a surf lesson with my beautiful hubby, one of the many benefits of being married to a Bodhi Surf instructor. I am still in the learning phase so the lesson consisted of theoretical instruction as well as lots of paddling and falling, but needless to say, I had a wonderful time. I was able to stand up several times and even had my “golden moment”, where everything was perfectly aligned for me to have an awesome ride! Afterwards, my husband stayed in the water to catch some waves … [Read more...]

Thoughts About Shark Attacks & Surfing

Last Friday there was a shark attack incident at a beach in Santa Barbara County, California in which a young man, 19 years-old, was fatally bitten while bodyboarding. It is obviously a very tragic event, the victim’s family is surely grieving for having lost a loved one, as anyone would be in their situation. However, surfers, bodyboarders, swimmers, et. al. who go into the ocean are, or should be, aware of the risks they run. … [Read more...]

Surf Session on a December Day in Costa Rica

Costa Rica wave

At 5:30 AM the alarm sounds. I wake to blue December Costa Rican skies, grab my quad fish and take the ten-minute walk to my local surf break. During the walk the howler monkeys are having their morning conference “hooo, hooo, hooo, hooo”. I pass through the mangroves and pause, check out the blossoming mangrove trees, take a deep breathe inhaling through my nose, and give thanks to the new day. A few minutes later I’m at the shoreline of my home break, “Playa Chaman”, in the Marino Ballena … [Read more...]

Choosing a Beginner Surfboard


As with any new activity you take-up, there is always the build-up and excitement of getting some new “toys”. With surfing it’s no different, you will have to decide what surfboard to get. The first thing you’ll probably be inclined to do is research the latest and greatest surfboard technology, and the best surfboard shapers and brands. However, forget about that. … [Read more...]