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Choosing The Right Type of Yoga for Yourself

As yoga keeps growing there is an abundance of styles and teachers all over the world that you can choose from. As you walk thru the path of yoga you may realize that the variety not only relies on the style but also the instructors. Some Yoga Styles It is said that in the beginning […]

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Sunset beach yoga

Yoga Off The Mat

Once, I heard from a teacher, a beautiful and wise phrase, “The real Yoga begins off the Mat”. And it was one of those phrases that can really change your perspective on your daily yoga practice. We get into our mats and stretch, reenergize, liberate some toxins, try a few challenging poses and meditate. All […]

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healthy yoga diet

A Yogic Diet

It is quite common that once we immerse ourselves in to the world of yoga we begin to wonder about the correct diet to follow in order to improve our practice. Should we go vegetarian or vegan? What about raw food? Is ayurvedic food the best option? Should we avoid dairy, coffee, processed foods, and […]

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Peaceful yoga practice

Yoga Practice Checklist – Getting The Most From Your Practice

Maintaining a disciplined and constant practice can be a very challenging aspect of our own yoga practice. Many obstacles present themselves in our daily lives: finding time and space, juggling between work, studies, kids, family, house chores, dealing with traffic to attend to our favorite yoga studio, affording the classes and workshop; or in some […]

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