Ideas for a Sustainable Holiday Season

Ethical suggestions for holiday shopping

With Christmas just around the corner, I am reminded how difficult it can be to remain unaffected by the frenzy that surrounds the holiday season. While I now live in Costa Rica where it just doesn't feel right to celebrate the holidays (it feels weird to get a pine Christmas tree here in the tropics and drink hot cocoa and open your stocking which is stuffed full of scarves and socks, all of the things I associate with Christmas in Canada), I see friends and loved ones going through the annual … [Read more...]

How To: Choose an Ideal Bathing Suit for Surfing

Example of bad surf bikini

Here at Bodhi Surf School, we primarily get ladies who come to stay with us for surf (and sometimes also yoga) vacations. Why? Perhaps it's because there are more women than men on the planet. Or maybe because women are more likely to plan and execute a girls trip than men. Or, it could be that men are just more likely to teach themselves to surf rather than get lessons. Whatever the reason behind this phenomenon, there is one burning question that ladies ask me time and time again: what kind of … [Read more...]

Tapping Into The Elixir Of The Tropics: Coconut Oil

Palm tree

There’s much to be said about the coconut and its many uses: the water is full of electrolytes, the meat is high in fibre and good fats, and the oil is a more healthy alternative than most available. A basic internet search of “coconut oil benefits” will give you enough reading material for a week, and the consensus among health bloggers, doctors, and cooks is all positive. I have been researching a lot of health related topics recently in preparation for the Great Bodhi Clean Eating Cleanse Of … [Read more...]

Traveling Independently vs. Having Local Help

Travel by car

When planning a trip or vacation, one question that many have to ask themselves is, “do I want to figure it out when I get there, research and plan it myself, or employ the aid of people/companies that know the area?” This is a very important decision, and one that often comes down to personal preference, time and budget constraints, and past travel experience. People Who Travel By The Seat Of Their Pants There are those of us who like to wing it when we travel. We simply book our flights (or … [Read more...]

Taking Care Of Yourself In The Tropics

Sun protection

If you are planning a trip to the Bahia Ballena area, and if you are coming between the months of January and September, it is good to be prepared for a type of heat that you may not be used to. Temperatures during those months range from 27-33 degrees Celsius (roughly 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit). Most people in the Northern Hemisphere like to travel during the region’s coldest months; and with good reason -- it feels like heaven to escape the cold, harsh winters of the north, even if it’s only … [Read more...]

Choosing The Right Type of Yoga for Yourself

As yoga keeps growing there is an abundance of styles and teachers all over the world that you can choose from. As you walk thru the path of yoga you may realize that the variety not only relies on the style but also the instructors. Some Yoga Styles It is said that in the beginning yoga was a philosophical discipline to embrace a way of life that will lead us to enlightenment. The main branches: Jnana, karma & bhakti yoga had no physical positions at all, most of all they were based on … [Read more...]

Choosing a Beginner Surfboard


As with any new activity you take-up, there is always the build-up and excitement of getting some new “toys”. With surfing it’s no different, you will have to decide what surfboard to get. The first thing you’ll probably be inclined to do is research the latest and greatest surfboard technology, and the best surfboard shapers and brands. However, forget about that. … [Read more...]

Yoga Off The Mat

Sunset beach yoga

Once, I heard from a teacher, a beautiful and wise phrase, “The real Yoga begins off the Mat”. And it was one of those phrases that can really change your perspective on your daily yoga practice.We get into our mats and stretch, reenergize, liberate some toxins, try a few challenging poses and meditate. All of this with the intention not only to connect with our bodies in a deeper level, but getting to know our bodies and finding our “edge” which means that in every asana we practice we … [Read more...]

9 Travel Resources for Costa Rica’s South Pacific

South Pacific Costa Rica beach

Costa Rica has a lot to offer visitors, which can become overwhelming when trying to plan a vacation. Searching the web for the information you need can be tedious, but luckily I’ve made a short list of some good online resources. For this post the majority of the resources focus on the South Pacific region of Costa Rica. Please feel free to use the comment box to leave us any suggestions for additional resources that you know of. … [Read more...]

A Yogic Diet

healthy yoga diet

It is quite common that once we immerse ourselves in to the world of yoga we begin to wonder about the correct diet to follow in order to improve our practice. Should we go vegetarian or vegan? What about raw food? Is ayurvedic food the best option? Should we avoid dairy, coffee, processed foods, and alcohol? Those and other questions can easily jump into our minds. … [Read more...]