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On the road surf trip

Quiz: What Kind Of Surfer Are You?

Today we celebrate International Surfing Day, and it’s time to answer that ever-burning question you’ve surely been asking yourself: “What kind of surfer am I?” Because just like there are countless types of fish in the sea, there are also countless types of surfers—well, also in the sea, now that we think of it. We […]

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Surfer planting tree

Why Surfers Are So Environmentally-Conscious

Surfers have long been known for their “alternative” lifestyles. Through the years, they have been stereotyped as pot-smoking hippies who are constantly seeking thrills and cannot hold down a job (think of Fast Times at Ridgemont High’s character, Jeff Spicoli). While this typecast seems to have faded quite a bit over the years, surfers have […]

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