Nonstop Flights from the U.S. to Costa Rica

Nonstop Flights to Costa Rica

Ecotourism is rapidly gaining popularity. Whether that means choosing a destination for its nature based activities, or making choices that allow you to have a lower carbon footprint, people are looking for “greener” vacations. To meet this demand, communities in beautiful regions of the world are opening tourism-based businesses and capitalizing upon the interest of outsiders in what their areas have to offer. Local businesses are not the only ones taking advantage of this trend — airlines are … [Read more...]

Bodhi Intern Studies Effects of Voluntourism

Sarah Coburn Bodhi Intern

Read up about what the newest Bodhi intern, Sarah Coburn, is up to!Finding Bodhi Surf School About two years ago, I returned to my dorm around 10pm from my home away from home, Rocksport (the local climbing gym that I frequent in upstate New York), 20 minutes from my school, Skidmore College. I was exhausted from the full day of classes and studying, followed by hours of vertical problem solving — climbing-based work outs and impromptu wrestling matches on the mats with my … [Read more...]

February Roundup

Team Bodhi on Pacuare Ferry in Costa Rica

February has been a lovely month indeed; not as hot and dry as in years past, though we're definitely not complaining about that! March is sure to be a scorcher, with the dry season in full effect — we’ll be spending more time at the beach, where the ocean air is always refreshing. February brought us many excellent and interesting people (many of whom who left as new friends). Our newly opened Bodhi Surf Lodge has been operational for only ten weeks, yet we’re so stoked that every single person … [Read more...]

What is the Ocean Guardian Journey?

Sustainability image

Bodhi Surf School's Ocean Guardian Journey is the title for our corporate social and environmental responsibility initiatives, an area in which we are constantly learning, growing, and developing. We have the utmost respect for the ocean, for nature, and our environment, and we strive to give back to these beings without which we would not exist!Getting away from the word “Sustainability”Sustainability. sustainable |səˈstānəbəl| adjective 1 able to be maintained at a certain rate or … [Read more...]

Blue Mind, Blue Marbles, and Bodhi Surf, Oh My!

Wallace J. Nichols inspirational thinker

You know that moment when you read a book or a quote by someone wise, and something just clicks and you think, “YES! This is perfect. I needed to read/hear/see this”. For the members of Bodhi Surf School, that feeling came to us when we learned about Wallace J. Nichols, a marine scientist and conservation activist, who uses science to prove why we as humans need the ocean and, consequently, why we should protect it. Bodhi Surf discovers Dr. Wallace J. NicholsIt all started a few years ago … [Read more...]

Protecting The Pacific: GLA Summer 2014 Ends on a High Note

High school students surfing in Costa Rica

This summer, Bodhi Surf School and the community of Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica hosted four groups of high school students who came down to participate in the “Protecting the Pacific” program through the travel company, Global Leadership Adventures (GLA). All four groups were in the community for 12 days each and participated in a number of activities, including surfing, zip-lining, whale watching, kayaking, and doing 30 hours of community service work. They also took part in a number of seminars … [Read more...]

An Interview with Travis: Experiencing CREST’s Tourism Symposium in Grenada

Grenada Morning Show CREST Symposium 2014

First of all, how did it come to be that Bodhi Surf was involved in the Symposium? Bodhi Surf received an email from Samantha Hogenson of the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) on April 14, 2014 inviting Bodhi Surf to participate as a speaker in the 3rd Symposium for Innovators in Coastal Tourism. The event was hosted in Grenada, July 9 – 11, 2014 in partnership with the Grenada Tourism Authority, the Caribbean Tourism Organization, and Grenada’s Ministry of Tourism. We were invited, … [Read more...]

We Have Launched Our Travelers’ Philanthropy Program!

Travelers' Philanthropy

You may have heard lots of buzz from us in recent months regarding something called a “Travelers’ Philanthropy Program”. Travelers’ philanthropy is not a new concept, in fact, you have probably encountered opportunities to donate to different causes in the places that you have visited. Primarily, the idea behind travelers’ philanthropy is that via the investments of visitors, travel destinations can be either maintained or improved for both residents and visitors. Travelers’ philanthropy is a … [Read more...]

Thank You For Participating In Our Travelers’ Philanthropy Survey!

Learning about the community

About one month ago, we solicited the collective brain power of our past guests in order to help us formalize a Travelers’ Philanthropy program.Many of you shared with us your experiences at Bodhi Surf School, your impression of the community, and invaluable suggestions for our soon-to-be-born Travelers’ Philanthropy program. What We Learned from the SurveysAmong the survey respondents, 18% said that they were familiar with the term “travelers’ philanthropy.” Their general perception … [Read more...]

Help Us Create Our Travelers’ Philanthropy Program

Keeping the beach clean

Bodhi Surf School is looking to formalize a Travelers’ Philanthropy program, and we are calling on our past guests to help to make it as impactful as possible. Travelers’ philanthropy programs aim to connect interested travelers with opportunities to contribute to positive development in the places that they become acquainted with and grow to love on their vacation. Purpose of Travelers’ Philanthropy ProgramsTravelers’ philanthropy has existed for as long as travel has, and formalized … [Read more...]