The Importance of Working Together

Working together

In Western culture, independence is a highly regarded quality. From an early age we are encouraged to learn on our own, and strive for personal achievement and self-sufficiency. This is a prime difference between “Western” societies and others. However, we must remember that units -- be they familial, communal, societal, national, or even global - have been so important in our development, and are necessary if we want to continue to progress as human beings. … [Read more...]

Partners Recognized by Sustainable Trips Organization

Sustainable ecolodge

Bodhi Surf School would like to congratulate Bahia Aventuras and La Cusinga Eco Lodge for their continued efforts to improve their businesses based on sustainable models. For their great work they were recently recognized by a Rainforest Alliance service called Sustainable Trips; a service that features tour operators, hotels, and other businesses throughout Latin America and the Caribbean who have either been verified by independent sustainable tourism certification programs or by reputable … [Read more...]

It’s Not ‘Just Business’ with Bodhi Surf School

Not just business with Bodhi Surf

I recently read an article on the Huffington Post by Alec Baldwin, and I was made to reflect upon our surf school and its business operations. In the article’s last paragraph, Baldwin makes this statement: Business is about cold numbers, strict adherence to bottom lines and the ascent of those with the greatest skills and advantages. Governing requires a humanism that we find largely absent in the business world of today. It calls for skills that the business world often overlooks or shuns. In … [Read more...]