From the Great Plains to the Great Ocean: A Kansas Girl Learns to Surf

Learning to surf in Costa Rica

Written by Erin Robinson, Deloitte Consultant and current Bodhi Surf School InternI grew up land-locked in the middle of the United States, in a small college-town called Lawrence, Kansas. Amongst its many family-owned businesses, there’s a store called “Shark’s Surf Shop” that sells apparel ironically reading “Surf Kansas”, with a character surfing on wheat fields. My first time seeing the ocean was at age six. I still recall the mix of awe and panic that it inspired. How could a body of … [Read more...]

How To: Choose an Ideal Bathing Suit for Surfing

Example of bad surf bikini

Here at Bodhi Surf School, we primarily get ladies who come to stay with us for surf (and sometimes also yoga) vacations. Why? Perhaps it's because there are more women than men on the planet. Or maybe because women are more likely to plan and execute a girls trip than men. Or, it could be that men are just more likely to teach themselves to surf rather than get lessons. Whatever the reason behind this phenomenon, there is one burning question that ladies ask me time and time again: what kind of … [Read more...]

Soul Surf: Shannon’s Story

Surfing in Playa Chaman

Shannon joined us early this summer, after finishing her first year of university and before starting work at a surf camp in North Carolina which she has attended either as a counsellor or a student for the past several years. While her passion for the ocean and surfing were already firmly established, she was still thrilled to spend time here in Bahia Ballena with us, perfecting her surf skills and enjoying the warm water and laid back Pura Vida lifestyle that Costa Rica is famous … [Read more...]

Our 3 Retreats In 2012!

Gibran and I are now in Bahia Ballena, so the Bodhi Surf team has been reunited! Together, we have come up with some new and exciting stuff to offer, such as the 3 great retreats that are designed to teach you to surf, to help you improve your yoga skills, and give you a great time in this beautiful country. There's no way 2012 will fail to be our best year yet, so it is advisable that you start making plans to come and let the fun times begin!Here's a bit about each of our retreats. … [Read more...]

Choosing a Beginner Surfboard


As with any new activity you take-up, there is always the build-up and excitement of getting some new “toys”. With surfing it’s no different, you will have to decide what surfboard to get. The first thing you’ll probably be inclined to do is research the latest and greatest surfboard technology, and the best surfboard shapers and brands. However, forget about that. … [Read more...]

Remember Your First Surfing Lessons?

Travis surfing costa rica

Almost everyone remembers his or her first surfing lesson, or surfing experience. Mine took place on the beaches of Silver Strand, in Coronado, California. Every summer my family, along with some very close family friends, would visit the Silver Strand for weeks on end, using their motor home as a temporary beach house. Our daily schedule for those two weeks went something like this: … [Read more...]

Surf Lessons In A Marine National Park

Ballena Marine National Park

One of the greatest attractions we have in Bahia Ballena - Uvita is the Ballena Marine National Park. The park has a terrestrial extension of nearly half a square mile and a marine extension of nearly twenty-one square miles, and is one of the major tourist attractions in the South Pacific due to the number of humpback whales that migrate to its waters to give birth to their offspring. … [Read more...]

Choosing A Surf Lesson

Uvita group surf lesson

People often wonder whether they should take a private surf lesson or a group lesson. Typically there is not much difference between the two. A surf school will teach their private lessons pretty much in the same way they teach a group lesson. The real difference among surf schools is in the student to instructor ratio of those group lessons. This ratio plays a major role in determining whether or not a student receives the assistance or attention from a surf instructor that is required to … [Read more...]

Warm Water Is A Beginner’s Best Friend

Costa Rica surf lesson

In the beginning surfing takes commitment, persistence, and consistency; it’s something that takes time to learn and become good at. Not only do you have to learn to keep your balance on a surfboard that is on a surface in constant motion, but you also must develop an understanding for how the ocean functions. Which means you’ve got to spend time in the water; a lot of time in the water. … [Read more...]

Is Enrolling in a Surf School Necessary?

women's surf lesson

Is it necessary to attend a surf school or camp in order to learn how to surf? The simple answer is “No”. Sometimes it’s impossible to regularly set aside time to practice something new, let alone take a week or two off from work to travel somewhere warm so you can take some surfing lessons. For those who prefer to learn on their own or just can’t make the time, we’ve created a “Learn How To Surf On Your Own” guide. But just as with any other sport or activity, when you are starting out it is … [Read more...]