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Bodhi Surf yoga session

Namaste to Everyone!

I’ve never really been that into the concept of tattoos, but for the first time in my life, I am actually considering getting one. I want to tattoo the Sanskrit word Namaste. What does Namaste mean? Namaste is my favorite word: Namaha means “to bow” and te means “to you”. So it basically means “I […]

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Community yoga in Costa Rica

Yoga for the Community Program

Even before opening the doors to the Bodhi Shambala Yoga Center in July of 2013, Pilar Salazar knew that she wanted to offer an option to her fellow community members in Bahia Ballena who were interested in learning more about the practice yoga but who perhaps didn’t have the disposable income to do so or […]

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Pilar doing yoga

Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too?

Weird title for a yoga blog, right?  If you know me you will understand why I need to write this, and if you don’t, stick with me for a little longer I will elaborate so you can see how this links to the practice of yoga. Here it goes: “My name is Pilar, and I […]

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Our 3 Retreats In 2012!

Gibran and I are now in Bahia Ballena, so the Bodhi Surf team has been reunited! Together, we have come up with some new and exciting stuff to offer, such as the 3 great retreats that are designed to teach you to surf, to help you improve your yoga skills, and give you a great […]

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Costa Rica yoga center

Yoga at Espiritu Salvaje Center in Uvita

So, let me start by saying that when it comes to practicing yoga, I believe any space can work out as long as your heart is in there and you feel you can be present. But definitely, some places have a special aura that can make your experience more special and spiritual, a place that […]

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Costa Rica yoga instructor

Costa Rica Traveler Magazine Features Bodhi Surf Yoga Instructor

Bodhi Surf is proud to announce that Pilar Salazar, yoga instructor for Bodhi Surf and La Cusinga Eco Lodge was featured on the cover of volume 8, edition 2 of the 2010 Costa Rica Traveler Magazine. The magazine, which is designed for travelers who want to discover the best of Costa Rica’s natural and cultural […]

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