Case Western University in Bahia Ballena 2014-15

We were fortunate to work with students and staff from Case Western University again over Christmas/New Years (for the 5th year running!) as they complete their course called Health and Health Care: A Comparative Perspective: Costa Rica and the United States. We were stoked to spend some time with them here in Bahia Ballena, leading them in some educational service projects, and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a little yoga and surf! Also, something that was very exciting for us: the … [Read more...]

Surf School Intern Experience: Taylor’s Reflection

Taylor, San Diego native and future lawyer, did an internship with us earlier this year, helping us develop the Ocean Guardian Program. Specifically, she helped us refine our Ocean Guardian Pledge, My Ocean Guardian Journey Contest, and use of the Blue Marbles. Here is her reflection after several months of travel and starting law school! There are no words to describe or do justice to the experience I had during my month in Bahia Ballena. That being said — I will try ☺. Earlier this year, I … [Read more...]

Yoga for the Community Program

Even before opening the doors to the Bodhi Shambala Yoga Center in July of 2013, Pilar Salazar knew that she wanted to offer an option to her fellow community members in Bahia Ballena who were interested in learning more about the practice yoga but who perhaps didn’t have the disposable income to do so or even know where to begin. Pilar never forgets how her personal yoga journey fundamentally changed her life for the better, and she wants to ensure that others have the same opportunities she … [Read more...]

Protecting The Pacific: GLA Summer 2014 Ends on a High Note

This summer, Bodhi Surf School and the community of Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica hosted four groups of high school students who came down to participate in the “Protecting the Pacific” program through the travel company, Global Leadership Adventures (GLA). All four groups were in the community for 12 days each and participated in a number of activities, including surfing, zip-lining, whale watching, kayaking, and doing 30 hours of community service work. They also took part in a number of seminars … [Read more...]

Service & Surf Saturdays

We cordially invite you to any and all of our bimonthly Service and Surf Saturdays happening from 8-11am every other Saturday at the community entrance to Playa Chaman. There are a host of purposes for these events aside from keeping our local beach beautiful and clean -- here are some of the other reasons we get up early (for a Saturday) every other week, and encourage you to do so as well: Keeping trash (specifically plastic) out of the ocean Setting a positive example for beach-goers, … [Read more...]

Geoporter: A Community, An Educator…and the Maps that Make a Difference

The community of Bahia Ballena is located in the southwest region of Costa Rica, along the pacific coast. The region is considered a paradise for its natural beauty, biological diversity, and indigenous cultures. However, the area, including the community of Bahia Ballena, faces a challenging future, with the possibility of mega-projects such as an international airport, hydro-electric dams, and the rapid increase in the development of African palm plantations - which could change the social, … [Read more...]

2013 Earth Day Sign Painting

To celebrate Earth Day 2013, we decided to get as many people as we could together to create some colorful signs that we could put around our community of Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica. So yesterday, instead of doing our regular Sunday beach cleanup, we invited the “regulars” who help us, including neighbors, some of the town’s surfers, and some visitors, to come and get creative with us! We gathered some leftover wood from the construction site of our bungalow and yoga center to use as our … [Read more...]

Playa Uvita Beach Cleanups 2013

One of the on-going service projects that Bodhi Surf is organizing is a weekly beach cleanup. The plan is that Bodhi Surf along with community members, local surfers, friends, family, and perhaps the occasional “lucky” tourist can invest one and a half hour (from 4pm to 5:30pm) each Sunday afternoon to cleaning up and improving the aesthetics of “Playa Colonia” and its respective area within the Ballena Marine National Park. This beach / park cleanup project was kicked-off this past Sunday … [Read more...]

Nobody Said That Mapping Our Community Would Be This Easy!

With the help of experts from GIS ETC and ESRI life in the world of mapping and understanding our communities resources has become easier. Starting in May 2010, the president and director of operations for GIS ETC, Roger and Anita, along with Charlie Fitzpatrick Manager of K-12 education from ESRI, and Sandy Doss made the bold commitment to train boat tour operators, teachers, community leaders and students from the small coastal village of Bahia Ballena-Uvita, Costa Rica how to use GPS and GIS … [Read more...]

Getting Our Hands Dirty, THEN and NOW

Bodhi Surf and Case Western Reserve University worked hand-in-hand to start off the 2011 new year in good spirits with the planting of 40+ plants. The community service learning projects took place at the entrance to the Uvita sector of the Marino Ballena National Park and the local elementary school La Flor de Bahia. With the purchase of shovels, rakes, tropical plants, fertilizer and the like, Bodhi Surf members and Case students “got busy with it” while light showers addressed our sweating … [Read more...]