While it is hard to miss the well-known Playa Hermosa of the north, near Jaco, the Playa Hermosa in the South Pacific is just the opposite. If you’re not paying attention you will drive right by it. This Playa Hermosa is located between Dominical and Uvita.

With not many signs to point out this surf break you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for a break hidden by the coastal jungle and a somewhat steep drop-off from the highway to the piece of dirt road that will lead you to the sand. The parking area is shaded by trees which is nice for those hot, sunny days. You will also find a number of vendors selling ceviche, coconuts, and more. It is still a good idea to bring water and any provisions if you plan on staying for a while just in case the vendors decide to take the day off.

Playa Hermosa is frequented by surfers from Dominical to Uvita. When the surf at Dominical is too big and/or closing out you’re sure to find surfers out at Playa Hermosa.

The waves break in two general areas: directly in front of the parking area and on the north end of the beach by the rocky hill that juts out into the water. A surf spot that is best suited for intermediate-level surfers, this break also provides fun waves for the experienced surfer. The spot can also be acceptable for beginners, so don’t be surprised to find groups of beginners from nearby surf schools out at Playa Hermosa from time to time.

Playa Hermosa Wave Information

  • Best Swell Size: Head-high to Double-Overhead
  • Best Swell direction: SW
  • Best Wind direction:
  • Best Season: June to September is the biggest due to tropical storms
  • Type of break: Beach break
  • Bottom: Sand with some scattered rocks on the north end
  • Best tide: Best on a dropping tide
  • Best Suited for: Intermediate and experienced surfers
  • Access: Two main parking areas with shade. Parking areas border the sand. There is a third entry but this option provides little space to park or turn around.
  • Crowd: Uncrowded most of the time but can spread out a bit when you’re not on your own.
  • Potential Dangers: Stingrays, rip currents, jellyfish


Intermediate and experienced surfers will find Playa Hermosa to be a relatively safe surf break; however, beginners and beach-goers in general should be aware of the typical beach hazards: sting-rays, jellyfish, rip currents, and floating debri such as washed up tree branches and logs.

Playa Hermosa is a very inviting beach and conditions are usually favorable for but it is important to always exercise caution as there are no lifeguards on this beach and help can be hard to come by with Dominical 10 kilometeres to the North and Uvita 5 kilometers to the South. The coastal highway passes very close to the beach so it is possible to flag down help in case of an emergency.

Playa Hermosa Surfing Pictures

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Things To Do at Playa Hermosa

Besides surfing, sun bathing, walking along the beach, and cooling down in the ocean there are no additional activities. It is a very quiet and chill place to relax, go for a surf, have some ceviche, and enjoy the beach.

Surf Breaks Near Playa Hermosa

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