Not to sound too deep or weird, but I think that the times when you really appreciate surfing are the times you’re really sort of becoming one with nature. Surfing’s as raw of a sport as it gets. — Kelly Slater

Surfing is a sport that has mysterious origins: no one is exactly sure when or where it began, however, most agree that its significant development occurred in the islands of the Pacific, including Hawaii. While it is most popular in the American states of California and Hawaii as well as Australia, South Africa, and Brazil, surfing exists wherever there is water (oceans, lakes, even rivers). Today, surfing is a very popular sport with a huge industry and following that surrounds it.

Surfing is unlike any other activity or sport in two major ways:

  1. It is completely dependent upon the cooperation of nature to produce adequate surfing conditions
  2. The “playing field” is in constant motion

Surfing requires skill, physical conditioning, and courage. A unique characteristic that defines it is that it attracts enthusiasts from all walks of life. Kids as young as three years old as well as adults in their seventies have the ability to ride the waves. As an individual sport, there is no need to find an opponent to play against, or rally a group of friends to play with. Though surfing is individualistic in nature, it does not promote self-centeredness; rather, it distinguishes itself from other activities by dropping the “winner” vs. “loser” dynamic and allowing each surfer to find their own motivation for and pleasure in surfing.Learn to surf


Why Learn To Surf

If you’ve never surfed before but want to, that probably means you must have had some kind of contact with it. Maybe your desire was fostered in the early-2000 “Blue Crush” era, or maybe even before that in the early 1990’s “Point Break” era, (Bodhi, anyone?). Perhaps you saw a friend’s honeymoon pictures that involved surfing and decided you could do that too. Or possibly, you live in a place where surfing is a popular pastime, but don’t feel like going out at your home break and potentially making a fool of yourself in front of people you know. Whatever your reason, if you want to learn to surf, you really should. Life is short and surfing is one of those things that, even if you only do it once or twice, you will remember forever — because it is momentous.

While experienced surfers make riding a wave look easy, learning to surf, for many, is an incredibly challenging activity. The physical exertion that one must exude, the courage, and the skill that one must develop seems overwhelming, but it is attainable. It’s just a matter of building endurance and strength, self-confidence, and practicing — a lot. Developing a knowledge of the ocean and its waves takes hours and hours of time in the water. You can learn to stand-up in a day but the fact is that it takes time to develop into a surfer. However, it is such a rewarding activity that many, once they try it, are hooked for life.Learn to surf Costa Rica


Learning to Surf With Bodhi Surf

If you want to learn how to surf, and want to do it in a beautiful, uncrowded place with warm water and with a skilled surf instructor, then come visit us at Bodhi Surf School immediately. We have one of the best beaches for learning in the area and our instructors have over a combined 30 years of surf instruction experience. If you are committed to improving as much as you can, then the best option for you is probably to enroll in one of our surf clinics or enjoy a complete surf vacation, because both options give you a chance to spend lots of time in the water. You will also benefit from working consistently with a surf instructor who, over the course of a few days, can provide tips and pointers to get you surfing exponentially better. If you are more limited in time, a single surf lesson can serve as a great introductory or refresher course, and gives you the added benefit of having a surf instructor guide you through the basics of learning how to stand-up, as well as ensuring your safety in the water. Once you have a solid foundation then it’s just a matter of practice and dedication to continue improving your skills.

For us at Bodhi Surf Camp, surfing is more than just a sport or physical activity; it is our way of life, and being in such close contact with the ocean, we have a unique perspective that we want to share with others. Our oceans are an important component of the earth, and we should not ignore the impact that we, as humans, are having on them. Our goal is to not only to get you standing on a surfboard, but to provide you with a unique surfing experience that will bring you closer to nature and rediscover the value of our oceans; in fact, the Bodhi Surf philosophy highlights the importance of being in tune with the ocean. While most sports focus on competition and discipline, surfing stresses a basic understanding of, and respect for nature, the ocean, and the waves. Throughout our surf instruction we like to share information which extends beyond surfing, including:

  • How waves are formed
  • The functions of the marine ecosystem
  • The importance of tides
  • Marine life facts
  • Ocean safety
  • Costa Rica facts

… and much more

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