Our surf lessons are structured to teach you more than just how to stand up on a surfboard. We cover the basics of surfing, from safety and surfboard management to catching waves and standing up, but we like to go beyond the typical surf lesson spiel and share our knowledge and experience with our guests. We love surfing, we live to surf, and we want to help awaken your inner surfer.

Surf ClinicGroup Surf Lesson
Price (in USD)$150/person (2+ people)$65/person
Duration6 hours (3 hrs x 2 days)2 hours
Max. Student-Instructor Ratio7:17:1
Typical Start Times7am, 8am, 9am, or 2pm7am, 8am, 9am, 2pm, or 3pm
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My son wanted to try surfing, and I said I would go along – but I did not really think that I could do it. So we signed up for a 2-hour lesson with Bodhi Surf. What a great experience that was! When Gibran asked if I was surfing, I answered: ‘I am going to try.’ He replied: You are going to surf! Which I did! Their teaching system is designed to give you the confidence that is required to get up and stay up on that board. My son and I were both surfing on the first lesson, and we were back the next day for more!

Surf lesson Costa Rica

Why Learn To Surf With Bodhi Surf School

Bodhi Surf Instructors┬áhave more than 50 years of combined surfing experience and over 30 years of combined surf instruction. While experience and personal knowledge is great (and necessary), it does little for students if their instructor is unable to transmit that knowledge effectively. Our surf instructors excel at providing students with the theory and then helping students put that theory into action, but they don’t stop there. Each of our head instructors has experience as a tour guide / trip leader, they are knowledgeable about the area, and as educated and well-traveled individuals they can transmit knowledge that goes well beyond the realm of surfing.

Where Does Bodhi Surf Give Its Surf Lessons?

At Bodhi Surf School we are very fortunate to have a unique setting such as the Marino Ballena National Park as our “classroom”. All our surfing lessons take place within the national park at Playa Colonia, which is commonly (but mistakenly) referred to as Playa Uvita. Playa Colonia, also known as Playa Chaman to the local community, is an ideal beach for learning to surf because of its sandy bottom and its natural topography which helps create gentle waves that are beginner-friendly.Marino Ballena National Park

A Typical Surfing Lesson With Bodhi Surf

Our surf lessons consist of a beach portion where your surf instructor tells you a bit about the area, goes over basic ocean and surfing safety, and explains technique on how to stand up on your surfboard. If you have prior surfing experience, your instructor will ask some questions to obtain a general sense of your surfing ability and assess if there are specifics that need to be reviewed while on the beach. Your surf instructor will then answer any questions you may have, lead in a brief stretching session, and then together you will head out to the water.

Here are some of what may occur during a first surf lesson, depending on factors such as the student’s level and the ocean conditions of the day:

  • Parts of a Surfboard
  • Safety tips to keep you unscathed while surfing
  • Surfboard management
  • Proper positioning and paddling technique on a surfboard
  • Proper technique for standing on a surfboard
  • Learning to turn and paddle for waves
  • Catching white water waves, practicing standing up

Beginner surf lesson

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