Bodhi Surf, a Costa Rica surf travel company, offers unique surfing experiences for beginner and intermediate surfers. Our personalized surf lessons and surfing vacations will teach you more than how to stand on a surfboard. We take great pride in sharing the community we call home with our guests and creating awareness about the importance that such natural beauty continue to be preserved throughout the world. Come experience the land of Pura Vida and “Awaken your inner surfer”.

Contact Bodhi Surf School to register for surf lessons or start planning your next surfing vacation to Costa Rica. We look forward to sharing the experience with you!

Bodhi Surf School – Your Costa Rica Surf Camp in Uvita

Make your next getaway a a memorable one, join Bodhi Surf on a surf adventure in Costa Rica. Experience the power of the ocean and reconnect with nature while surfing the waves of the Marino Ballena National Park; increase your energy, presence, flexibility, strength, and stamina through yoga practice; immerse yourself in the community of Bahia  Ballena for a multicultural experience. Riding waves is our primary activity but there is much more to this surfing experience in Costa Rica.

Surf Lessons – Private and Group Surfing Lessons, Surfing Clinics

Learn to surf in Bahia-Uvita, Costa Rica. Single-day lessons are available for travelers who spontaneously decide they would like to try surfing, and those who get hooked can sign-up for a multi-day surfing clinic.

Surfing Vacations – Surf and Yoga Retreats

Six-night surfing vacation packages in Uvita, Costa Rica. Choose between our surfing lessons package (what we call our “Inner Surfer Package”) or our yoga and surf package (aka our Holistic Yoga Surf Package).

About Bodhi Surf – A Surf Travel Company

Bodhi Surf is a life project for its founders, motivated by more than monetary compensation, we take great pride in sharing experiences with our guests and contributing to the well-being of our community. We look forward to making lasting relationships and memories with those we cross paths with.

Surf School Blog – News and Updates from Costa Rica

All the latest news and updates from Bodhi Surf School in Costa Rica, including surfing, travel, community, and surf school news.

Costa Rica Surfing – A Surf Paradise in Central America

Costa Rica has become a popular surf destination because of its quality waves and appearance in mainstream surfing movies, but there are many other reasons that make Costa Rica a surfer’s paradise for the experienced and beginner surfer alike.

Costa Rica Yoga – Surf and Yoga Costa Rica

The beautiful, serene environment that can be found in Costa Rica is ideal for your yoga practice. Whether it’s your first experience practicing yoga or you are an avid practitioner, Costa Rica will fast become your favorite place to practice.

Costa Rica Information – A Great Travel Destination

Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination because it is one of the safer countries in Central America, its people are extremely warm and friendly, and its natural beauty offers a stark contrast to what many of its visitors are used to.

Uvita Tours – Things To Do in Uvita, Costa Rica

The outdoors is one of Costa Rica’s greatest attractions hence its tourism industry has developed around a great number of outdoor, adventure, and nature or ecotourism activities such as surfing, snorkeling, hiking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, fishing, whale watching, horseback riding and more. For outdoor enthusiasts Costa Rica is a playground.

Uvita Lodging: Ecolodge & Vacation Rentals

Your lodging in Costa Rica can be an experience within itself. As a world leader in conservation efforts, Costa Rica boasts some of the more renowned, environmentally-friendly eco-lodges. Families or groups can also consider a vacation rental which not only offer great affordability but stunning views as well.

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