Costa Rica Surf & Yoga Retreats

Taking place in the lush tropical region of Costa Ballena in Costa Rica’s South Pacific, Bodhi Surf & Yoga Retreats will give you a chance to do it all: relax and unwind, as well as exercise and learn. These private retreats are perfect for groups of friends and family who want to have a very different kind of getaway — one that is more than just a traditional vacation, and that leaves you going home with a whole host of new experiences and memories.

Bodhi Surf & Yoga Retreats

Starfish Lapa Roja Pelican Congo
Duration 7 nights 7 nights 7 nights 7 nights
Surf Lessons 3 2 3 3
Yoga Classes 3 2 2 0
SUP 1 1 0 0
Community Walking Tour
Other Tours Canopy Massage + Canopy Boat tour + Kayaking or Horseback riding Ultralight + ATV + Canyoning
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A Typical Bodhi Retreat

Bodhi Surf & Yoga Retreats work in the following way:

  1. you get your group of 4+ people together (a 4 person minimum is required)
  2. you choose your ideal dates
  3. you select the retreat that most appeals to your group
  4. submit our Retreat Inquiry form

And then leave the planning up to us. Each retreat includes lodging at one of the private Bodhi Home Rentals, a car rental, and a week full of activities that range from surfing and yoga to ATVing and ultra-light flights over the area.

Your adventure begins as you make your way down to Costa Ballena and head to your stunning private vacation home that sits on one of the most prime pieces of land in the area, and of course, features private access to a breathtaking beach. Each Bodhi Retreat includes surfing lessons and a combination of yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, boat tours, or other adventure activities. In addition, the retreats include daily breakfasts and 4 dinners at some of the more popular restaurants in the Costa Ballena area.

How Bodhi Surf And Yoga Retreats Are Different

Some synonyms of the word retreat are “hideaway”, “haven”, and “sanctuary”, and that’s exactly what we want our retreats to be for you and your group — a place and an opportunity for everyone to leave their worries behind and just relax and enjoy themselves. Bodhi Retreats are different from traditional retreats as they allow you to put your group together and choose your ideal dates.

We have put together these four retreats using our experience designing other guests’ vacation packages; for example, we know that a group of bachelors will probably want to do different activities than a family with young children. We have also designed retreat schedules to have a good balance between rest and play, knowing that you want to take advantage of your time in Costa Rica but also that you don’t want to go home more tired than when you came!

If you can’t quite get that fourth person to join-in, don’t worry! Contact us, we are happy to put something together that will fit your needs and budget.

Bodhi Surf
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