The Ocean Guardian Journey is Bodhi Surf School’s story of our collective efforts and actions to become a better, more socially and environmentally responsible company. It is the umbrella for all of our Corporate Responsibility initiatives, more commonly known as our “sustainability measures”.

Our Ocean Guardian Journey

At Bodhi Surf School, we are not just surf and yoga educators – we are committed conservationists and global stewards. One of our goals is to transmit the love and awareness we have for nature, and particularly for our marine ecosystem, to those we come into contact with. Why? Because as surfers, we spend a lot of time in the ocean – it is like our second home; as business owners, we depend on the ocean for our well-being, and as humans, we depend greatly on the services marine ecosystems provide. It is in the ocean that we enjoy ourselves, re-energize our bodies, and clear our minds.

Our Goals

  1. Conserve the marine ecosystem that we love
  2. Contribute to the community that we call home
  3. Inspire our guests to join the Ocean Guardian Journey

Ocean Guardian Initiatives

  1. Travelers’ Philanthropy
  2. Service & Surf Saturdays
  3. Yoga for the Community
  4. Ocean Guardian Pledge
  5. Ocean Guardian Contest

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Youth environmental education

Travelers’ Philanthropy Program

Bodhi Surf donates a percentage of each vacation package sold to the operations of locally-based non-profits whose work impacts local marine conservation and youth development. It also provides an opportunity for guests to match or add to the donation to support our local community.

Service and surf program

Service and Surf Saturdays

This program consists of regular beach clean-ups at Playa Colonia within the Marino Ballena National Park. The activities are co-organized by Bodhi Surf and a few other local organizations with the goal of promoting environmental awareness and education among local youth.

Yoga for the community

Yoga for the Community

This Bodhi Surf-run program aims to provide community members an opportunity to explore the benefits of yoga through an exchange of yoga classes for community reinvestment (community service) hours.

Impact reduction

Bodhi’s Footprint Reduction

Bodhi Surf School takes actions to reduce its impact, both large and small, on a daily basis. We want to lead by example and illustrate that a business has a responsibility to its community and environment.

How To Get Involved

It is our hope that through your experiences with Bodhi Surf, you will leave with a closer connection to our oceans, a greater interest in improving the health of our marine ecosystem, and will want to start your own Ocean Guardian Journey.

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