The Bodhi Surf Ocean Guardian Journey is the story of our collective efforts and actions to become a better, more socio-environmentally responsible company. It is the umbrella for all of our Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Initiatives — perhaps more commonly referred to as our “sustainability measures”.

Why We Do It

At Bodhi Surf one of our goals is to transmit the love and awareness we have for nature, and particularly for our marine ecosystem because as surfers, we spend a lot of time in the ocean – it is like our second home. We visit the ocean to enjoy ourselves, to re-energize our bodies, to clear our minds. And certainly not to be overlooked, as humans, we depend greatly on the services marine ecosystems provide.

It is our hope that through surfing, yoga, and the travel experience that Bodhi Surf is able to provide, our guests will leave with a closer connection to our oceans and a greater interest in learning how each one of us can help care for and improve the health of our marine ecosystem – thus beginning their own Ocean Guardian Journey!

We are dedicated to supporting and carrying out specific programs that contribute to and promote the preservation of our oceans. These programs include the following:

Bodhi Surf Travelers’ Philanthropy Program

Bodhi Surf donates a portion of the price of each vacation package to the operations of locally-based non-profits whose work impacts local marine conservation and youth development.

Service and Surf Saturdays

This program consists of regular beach clean-ups co-organized by Bodhi Surf along with a few other local organizations and held at Playa Colonia within the Marino Ballena National Park. The beach clean-ups are geared towards promoting environmental awareness and education among local youth.

Yoga for the Community

This Bodhi Surf-run program aims to provide community members an opportunity to explore the benefits of yoga through an exchange of yoga classes for community re-investment (community service) hours.

Ocean Guardian Pledge

An awareness campaign focused on spreading information and motivating individuals towards a change away from high-impact action.

Blue Marble – Blue Mind

Bodhi Surf School is a participant of the Blue Marble Project, an idea based on the work of biologist Wallace J. Nichols. Our aim is to promote his work, which in essence states that we as humans love and benefit greatly from the ocean, therefore we must work hard and work together to ensure its well-being.

Start Your Ocean Guardian Journey

Just as we have been inspired by a great many individuals and organizations to kick off our Ocean Guardian Journey, one of our goals as a business is to help influence others to start their own Ocean Guardian Journeys. The more people who become involved in actively caring for the planet and our marine environment, the better chance we will all have at making a positive change and turning around the damage that’s already been done.

  • Do you enjoy spending time at the beach?
  • Do you like playing in the ocean?
  • Do you have a fond memory of visiting a coastline?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above then we strongly urge you to join us on this odyssey and start your own Ocean Guardian Journey today!

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a surfer.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve never surfed.
It doesn’t matter if you live far, far away from the ocean itself.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been part of the Bodhi Surf experience.

Don’t wait any longer, our oceans need YOUR help – start your journey!

What’s In It For You

We need the marine ecosystem: it provides us as humans with services that are crucial for our well-being and survival as a species. These services include:

  • Provisioning Services: food and water
  • Regulating Services: regulation of climate
  • Cultural Services: recreational and spiritual
  • Supporting Services: soil formation and photosynthesis


How You Can Get Involved

Ocean Guardian Pledge

Our Ocean Guardian Pledge is a commitment that anyone can take to help reduce their impact and protect the ocean. We firmly believe in the 6 Rs: Refuse, Repaire, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink, Recycle, but for those who need a little help, our pledge highlights 10 concrete actions that one can take on a regular basis. And remember, it is together that we will have the greatest impact of all!

Travelers’ Philanthropy Program

When you come on a Bodhi Session or vacation with us, 2% of what you pay goes back to our community via our Travelers’ Philanthropy Program. In addition, you get to choose between one of three local organizations to support: Geoporter, a non-profit that uses GPS and GIS technology to come up with solutions for local issues; Fundacion KETO, a Costa Rican marine conservation NGO; or Forjando Alas, our local after school program that promotes education and enrichment for kids in our area. You can also donate additionally or on your own.

My Ocean Guardian Journey Contest

The annual My Ocean Guardian Journey Contest is a place for people to showcase their innovation in marine conservation and environmental protection. To celebrate these individuals and their awesome actions and ideas, we give away a number of very cool prizes including a Bodhi Surf & Yoga Vacation!

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