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Surfing the wave!

Service & Surf Saturdays

We cordially invite you to any and all of our bimonthly Service and Surf Saturdays happening from 8-11am every other Saturday at the community entrance to Playa Chaman. There are a host of purposes for these events aside from keeping our local beach beautiful and clean — here are some of the other reasons we […]

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Similarities Between Surfing and Yoga

Recently I took a surf lesson with my beautiful hubby, one of the many benefits of being married to a Bodhi Surf instructor. I am still in the learning phase so the lesson consisted of theoretical instruction as well as lots of paddling and falling, but needless to say, I had a wonderful time. I […]

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Thoughts About Shark Attacks & Surfing

Last Friday there was a shark attack incident at a beach in Santa Barbara County, California in which a young man, 19 years-old, was fatally bitten while bodyboarding. It is obviously a very tragic event, the victim’s family is surely grieving for having lost a loved one, as anyone would be in their situation. However, […]

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Costa Rica wave

Surf Session on a December Day in Costa Rica

At 5:30 AM the alarm sounds. I wake to blue December Costa Rican skies, grab my quad fish and take the ten-minute walk to my local surf break. During the walk the howler monkeys are having their morning conference “hooo, hooo, hooo, hooo”. I pass through the mangroves and pause, check out the blossoming mangrove […]

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Choosing a Beginner Surfboard

As with any new activity you take-up, there is always the build-up and excitement of getting some new “toys”. With surfing it’s no different, you will have to decide what surfboard to get. The first thing you’ll probably be inclined to do is research the latest and greatest surfboard technology, and the best surfboard shapers […]

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Shifting Gears: From Baseball To Surfing

In September of 1999 I started studying at the University of San Diego (USD). My intentions of studying at USD were two-fold, academics and baseball. However, as school started, and baseball trainings became the norm, I decided that my focus at USD should be academics. After talking with family and friends, I made the decision […]

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