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Arenal Volano Costa Rica

First Impressions of Costa Rica

My aunt Janet got home the other night from a two-week trip to Costa Rica, her first time visiting the country. Only in the past few years has she really started traveling, (my definition of the word being “frequent trips, perhaps outside of one’s comfort zone”), but because she has a life-long friend who recently […]

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Costa Rica marine conservation

Ocean Conservation in South Pacific Costa Rica

Costa Rica, although relatively small, contains approximately 5% of the world’s biodiversity. It is a country with almost one-quarter of its national territory under some form of protection, yet the oceans that border Costa Rica have been largely neglected. In terms of ocean conservation, less than one percent of Costa Rican oceans are being regulated […]

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Uvita Point

A Brief History of Uvita, Costa Rica

The history of Uvita is muddled and getting a concise version is nearly impossible. By visiting several community members you can get anywhere from five to ten different versions. John Maranon highlights this confusing history of Uvita in the book, “The Gringos Hawk”, as he writes about land possession in Morita (present-day Uvita): “…Then, newcomers […]

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10 Animals You Are Likely To See in Costa Rica

One of the most exciting things about visiting Costa Rica is being able to see all of wildlife in their natural environment. As one of the world’s leading conservationist countries, Costa Rica has done a great job of protecting the homes and dwellings of animals on land, in the ocean, and in the air. Here […]

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Tourist Kiosks in San Jose

To facilitate tourist information, the municipality of San Jose started a pilot program with the private sector that aims to develop two tourist information centers for both foreign and national visitors. The two tourist kiosks are located along Central Park Boulevard and Central Avenue, near the Hotel Presidente in downtown San Jose. The new program […]

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Costa Rica: A Friendly and Family-Oriented Country

One thing that really surprised me the first time that I visited Costa Rica was the level of friendliness exhibited by Ticos. It’s not that I had expected them to be unfriendly — Latin America is notorious for its friendly and happy people — but Costa Ricans were especially kind and helpful. It’s almost as […]

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