Impactful Internships: A Learning Experience for Interns and Business Owners

Consulting internship at Bodhi Surf

Last month, we said goodbye to Erin Robinson and Destin Whitehurst, the Deloitte consulting duo who interned at Bodhi Surf for eleven weeks. It was a sad parting; we became very close with them during their stay — yet we were thankful. They taught us a great deal and their background in the professional consulting industry proved to be very helpful for us as entrepreneurs.From Corporate America... Before their arrival in Costa Rica, both Erin and Destin had worked nearly three years at … [Read more...]

June Roundup

Global Leadership Adventures student groups in Costa Rica

Well it’s official — we are halfway through 2015. Also official, is that we have been open for five whole years now! Stay tuned, we will continue to publish the Bodhi Five-Year Anniversary series as the year goes on. We celebrated this momentous occasion by debuting our very first professionally-done video: a huge thank you to Breakwall Media for such a great job.It’s been an exceptional month: busy, hot, and full of great people! As always, we had a lot going on aside from our regular yoga … [Read more...]

Why Choose Bodhi Surf & Yoga Camp (VIDEO)

Why Choose Bodhi Surf Vvdeo

At Bodhi Surf School, we are committed to being more than just a surf and yoga camp. During your time with us, we want to help spark a positive change: be that towards a healthier lifestyle, a stronger connection with nature, or a desire to reduce your impact on the ocean and our planet. Our goal is to simultaneously awaken your inner surfer & spirit, and provide you with an experience that will leave you with a huge smile on your face and wonderful memories to take home. What makes Bodhi … [Read more...]

Charity Golf Tournament Winner Michelle Manner Visits Bodhi Surf

Vacationing at Bodhi Surf

Michelle Manner visited us last month, redeeming the surf and yoga vacation that she won during last year’s Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of San Diego Golf Tournament. Michelle worked very hard, raising an impressive $9830 for this cause — all with her eye on the prize of the Costa Rican vacation package that Bodhi Surf had donated for the second year in a row. Michelle is an active Big Sister and fund-raiser, stating that “if you have a passion for something, it isn’t hard to ask for support … [Read more...]

May Roundup

GPS and trash cleanup with Forjando Alas kids

May was a fairly low-key month at Bodhi Surf School, and both the Bodhi Anchors and the Bodhi Gypsies took advantage of this to visit their respective families. However, by staggering our time away, we were able to stay open and maintain our regular surf and yoga vacation operations. While the Gypsies celebrated Adrianne’s 28th birthday visiting family in Gibran’s hometown of San Blas, Mexico for the first two weeks of May, Travis, Pilar, and Maya held down the fort at Bodhi Surf School. Then … [Read more...]

Gibran: Soul Surfer and Hands-On Man

Surfer in Santa Teresa

This is part two of the ten-part Bodhi Five-Year Anniversary Series that will highlight the most important events from the timeline of Bodhi Surf’s inception and growthGibran is a founding member of Bodhi Surf School, and can be considered a driving force behind its operations; he is definitely the “get ‘er done” person at Bodhi Surf School. He is probably also the team member who is most impassioned with surfing, stating that it brings him peace, clarity, and stress relief, and that most … [Read more...]

Bodhi Surf’s Everyday Impact Reduction Measures

Handpainted 6 Rs Sign

We’re on a mission, and this mission is called the Ocean Guardian Journey! What does it consist of, you may wonder? Stewardship, and especially that in the sectors of community and environment. It is top priority for the team members at Bodhi Surf School to be the best that we can be, which means not just providing great and consistent service for our guests, but also being a business that practices Social and Environmental Responsibility. We want to be an example for other people as well as … [Read more...]

April Roundup

Jumping shot on the beach

We hope you are enjoying our Monthly Roundup blog posts. The purpose of these posts is to keep our friends and past guests informed about the goings-on at Bodhi Surf School (often times, we have activities aside from our day-to-day surf, yoga, and Bodhi Surf Lodge responsibilities). Also, we hope these posts will give you an idea of what to expect if you are planning your first trip to Bodhi Surf School!Another month over — and what a month it’s been! So what happened in April at Bodhi Surf … [Read more...]

From the Great Plains to the Great Ocean: A Kansas Girl Learns to Surf

Learning to surf in Costa Rica

Written by Erin Robinson, Deloitte Consultant and current Bodhi Surf School InternI grew up land-locked in the middle of the United States, in a small college-town called Lawrence, Kansas. Amongst its many family-owned businesses, there’s a store called “Shark’s Surf Shop” that sells apparel ironically reading “Surf Kansas”, with a character surfing on wheat fields. My first time seeing the ocean was at age six. I still recall the mix of awe and panic that it inspired. How could a body of … [Read more...]

March Roundup

La Union de Uvita

Well, March was a busy month, (as has been the first week of April — oops, this monthly roundup is already a week late!). The weather has been hard to pin down, most likely  because this year has officially been called as an El Niño year (a phenomenon of warm currents in the Pacific Ocean), and the first since the 1997-98 season. We’ve had some very hot weather, some cooler days, and some days of larger waves as well. True to the Bodhi way, we had our hand in many different pots (in addition to … [Read more...]