Nonstop Flights to Costa Rica

Nonstop Flights to Costa Rica

Ecotourism is rapidly gaining popularity. Whether that means choosing a destination for its nature based activities, or making choices that allow you to have a lower carbon footprint, people are looking for “greener” vacations. To meet this demand, communities in beautiful regions of the world are opening tourism-based businesses and capitalizing upon the interest of outsiders in what their areas have to offer. Local businesses are not the only ones taking advantage of this trend — airlines are … [Read more...]

Why Kelly Slater’s Outerknown Brand is a Trendsetter

Kelly Slater | Photo by Nathan Congleton

On July 15th, surfing icon and 11-time world champion surfer, Kelly Slater, launched his clothing line, Outerknown. While the launch created some buzz within the surfing community, it wasn’t because surfers found the new Kelly Slater boardshorts “radical” or were “stoked” on the price tags — people were generally upset. If you head over to the Outerknown website, it’s quite apparent that the price tags of the clothes target a higher-end market, and are not conducive to the average surfer’s … [Read more...]

Arctic Oil Drilling & The Emergence of “Kayaktivism”

Kayakers gather to protest Shell and arctic drilling in the "Paddle in Seattle" in May, 2015 | Photo by Danielle Beccaria, Backbone Media

Protecting the ocean can take form in many ways. Individuals, communities, and businesses all have important roles in the fight to keep our planet blue. Other institutions that have a great responsibility to the sea, and those who arguably have the largest impact, are governments of nations worldwide. They have the power to set the tone of conservation or destruction. U.S. President sanctions highly-contested arctic drilling In late-July, President Obama granted Shell Oil permission to drill … [Read more...]

Bodhi Intern Studies Effects of Voluntourism

Sarah Coburn Bodhi Intern

Read up about what the newest Bodhi intern, Sarah Coburn, is up to!Finding Bodhi Surf School About two years ago, I returned to my dorm around 10pm from my home away from home, Rocksport (the local climbing gym that I frequent in upstate New York), 20 minutes from my school, Skidmore College. I was exhausted from the full day of classes and studying, followed by hours of vertical problem solving — climbing-based work outs and impromptu wrestling matches on the mats with my … [Read more...]

Bodhi Surf Donates to Surfrider’s Two Coasts: One Ocean Events

Surfrider Two Coasts: One Ocean

If you’re a surfer or involved in the surf industry, you’ve heard of Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit environmental organization that works to preserve the world’s waves, beaches, and oceans (as well as the life that resides within them). For us at Bodhi Surf School, Surfrider has been a shining example of how the surf industry can and must be at the forefront of the environmental and marine conservation movements, and their work has motivated us greatly to combine surfing and conservation … [Read more...]

July Roundup

July Sunset

The summer is flying by! We have just one month left before we close Bodhi Surf School to rest, regroup, and prepare for the arrival of the newest Bodhi Surf team member – Clea James! Maya is very excited to be a big sister and to help her mom and dad when Clea arrives! And we are ready to end the season with a bang — August is looking to be very busy indeed!Here’s what we have been up to in the month of July.A month full of Ocean Guardianship This whole summer has had a strong Ocean … [Read more...]

2015 My Ocean Guardian Journey Contest

2015 Ocean Guardian Journey Contest

It’s that time of year again — the 2015 My Ocean Guardian Journey contest is just around the corner! We’re proud to be holding this contest for the third year in a row, and are eager to see all of your awesome submissions, highlighting your commitment to protecting, preserving, and being spokespeople for the world’s oceans. The fate of our oceans depends on all of us working together to come up with creative solutions to collectively reduce our impact, which is why we at Bodhi Surf hold this … [Read more...]

Impactful Internships: A Learning Experience for Interns and Business Owners

Consulting internship at Bodhi Surf

Last month, we said goodbye to Erin Robinson and Destin Whitehurst, the Deloitte consulting duo who interned at Bodhi Surf for eleven weeks. It was a sad parting; we became very close with them during their stay — yet we were thankful. They taught us a great deal and their background in the professional consulting industry proved to be very helpful for us as entrepreneurs.From Corporate America... Before their arrival in Costa Rica, both Erin and Destin had worked nearly three years at … [Read more...]

June Roundup

Global Leadership Adventures student groups in Costa Rica

Well it’s official — we are halfway through 2015. Also official, is that we have been open for five whole years now! Stay tuned, we will continue to publish the Bodhi Five-Year Anniversary series as the year goes on. We celebrated this momentous occasion by debuting our very first professionally-done video: a huge thank you to Breakwall Media for such a great job.It’s been an exceptional month: busy, hot, and full of great people! As always, we had a lot going on aside from our regular yoga … [Read more...]

Why Choose Bodhi Surf & Yoga Camp (VIDEO)

Why Choose Bodhi Surf Vvdeo

At Bodhi Surf School, we are committed to being more than just a surf and yoga camp. During your time with us, we want to help spark a positive change: be that towards a healthier lifestyle, a stronger connection with nature, or a desire to reduce your impact on the ocean and our planet. Our goal is to simultaneously awaken your inner surfer & spirit, and provide you with an experience that will leave you with a huge smile on your face and wonderful memories to take home. What makes Bodhi … [Read more...]