Bodhi Packing List: Costa Rica Yoga and Surf Vacation

Either you’ve decided to come do a Costa Rica vacation or surf and yoga retreat with Bodhi Surf School, or you’re looking into it and want to get an idea of what to expect. One of the big questions that you may be wondering as you plan your tropical vacation is — what should I pack? So here is the official Bodhi Surf Packing list, which I will break into two parts: mandatory and suggested. Keep in mind that both Bahia Ballena and the bordering town of Uvita are quite small, and it will be … [Read more...]

Case Western University in Bahia Ballena 2014-15

We were fortunate to work with students and staff from Case Western University again over Christmas/New Years (for the 5th year running!) as they complete their course called Health and Health Care: A Comparative Perspective: Costa Rica and the United States. We were stoked to spend some time with them here in Bahia Ballena, leading them in some educational service projects, and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a little yoga and surf! Also, something that was very exciting for us: the … [Read more...]

Bodhi Sessions: For Your Valentine’s Day (Or Other Special Celebrations)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about how the way that people commonly celebrate special days (birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons), and to offer an adventurous, sustainable, and fun alternative. On one hand, we have the old standbys… chocolate, flowers, jewelry. For some, these are a good option: easy, and they don’t require too much thinking. Yet consumption for the sake of consumption is a practice we are going to have to leave … [Read more...]

Celebrating 5 Years of Bodhi Surf: Sessions Discount

In late 2009, four friends decided to start a business — a surf and yoga school in Costa Rica, to be exact. By mid-2010, Bodhi Surf School was open, a much more rudimentary version of what it is today. We had no staff, no lodge, no surfmobile, and only a few surf boards and yoga mats to our name; we would meet our surf and yoga clients at the beach or at their hotels. What we did have was a shared vision to build a company that would support our families while also providing a specialized … [Read more...]

My Ocean Guardian Journey 2014 Contest Winners

We were stoked to announce the much anticipated results from our second annual My Ocean Guardian Journey Contest yesterday morning. It was our second year running the contest, and we had some interesting and exciting results: a number of fantastic entries in the Actions Category, and no entries in the Ideas Category, (perhaps an indicator of less talk, more action?). It was a tough call for our judging panel, and it came down to the wire. The results In 3rd place, we had Eric Ross Salazar … [Read more...]

Ocean Guardians We Admire: Walter Brenes

Earlier this month, we got some devastating news: three of our fellow community members had been killed in a tragic car accident (a tour guide and both of the owners of Bahia Aventuras, a boat tour operator here in Bahia Ballena). One of the three was a very dear friend/colleague/supporter of us members of Bodhi Surf School — Walter Brenes. The days following passed in a blur of mourning, confusion, tears, hugs, and bitter feelings of regret for the whole community of Bahia Ballena. Just now are … [Read more...]

How I’m an Ocean Guardian: Putting Yoga into Action

A few months ago I wrote an article that was published in Elephant Journal about my move to a rural Costa Rican community and how the reconnection with nature influenced my yoga practice and my life. In that article I talked about how a connection with nature nurtures my yoga practice. Now I would like to share how my yoga practice enhances my connection with nature and has encouraged me to become an Ocean Guardian. As I write this, a few ideas jump into my mind... Yoga creates openness and … [Read more...]

Why I’m an Ocean Guardian: The Most Powerful Inspiration

I could probably write a book about how my love for the ocean came to me, and how my heart feels fulfilled every time I am in touch with it. First of all, in my childhood, I didn’t live anywhere near the ocean. But every year for a few years in a row, my parents took me and my brother for a week of holidays at the beach. There were no waves, nor warm water, and it was the North Sea but still — even if my memories are vague (which by the way is the French for “wave” — see, everything’s related) I … [Read more...]

Ideas for a Sustainable Holiday Season

With Christmas just around the corner, I am reminded how difficult it can be to remain unaffected by the frenzy that surrounds the holiday season. While I now live in Costa Rica where it just doesn't feel right to celebrate the holidays (it feels weird to get a pine Christmas tree here in the tropics and drink hot cocoa and open your stocking which is stuffed full of scarves and socks, all of the things I associate with Christmas in Canada), I see friends and loved ones going through the annual … [Read more...]

How I’m an Ocean Guardian: If It’s Broke, Fix It!

An Ocean Guardian works with what he/she has, they fix things when they are broken, they make something out of nothing, they use their ingenuity to create something functional. That is an important part of what being an Ocean Guardian means to me – reducing unnecessary consumption by reusing and repurposing what you already have and making it work for you. I’ve lost track of the countless hours I’ve invested in tinkering, repairing, or more like breaking and then repairing personal items … [Read more...]